• Installation Process

    So you bought some kitchen cabinets...  There not much good without installing them.   Here is generally how the process works when the Kitchen [...]
  • Case Study — Kitchen Remodel in North Hampton NH

    Below is a video that shows before and after photos, the kitchen floor plan with three dimensional drawings and actual invoice for the kitchen.  [...]
  • Norcraft Cabinet Construction

    Below I made a brief video on how the Norcraft cabinet is constructed.  I hope that you find it informative. Features of Norcraft [...]
  • Face Frame Cabinet Overlays Explained

    Below is a quick video that will explain the common face frame door and drawer overlay options. A related video post you should have a look at [...]
  • The Kitchen Remodeling Process

    THE ARTICLE BELOW IS STILL IN ITS DRAFT FORM... A common question customers will ask is what is the typical process of remodeling a kitchen? [...]
  • Face Frame vs Frame-less Cabinet Construction

    There are really two different cabinet constructions.  A cabinet that is frame-less and one that has a face frame.  The video below demonstrates [...]
  • When to install flooring

    So if doing the floors over in your kitchen is part of the project...  When do you install the floor?  Before or after the cabinets get [...]
  • Sealing Granite Countertops

    Have you sealed your granite countertop lately?  No one likes to maintain anything, its a pain in the neck.  However, if you want things to keep [...]
  • New Youtube Playlists

    Recently I organized all the videos created into playlists on YouTube.  This will make it easier to see the information you want to see in one [...]
  • Countertop Layout

    After a granite or quartz countertop template is complete, the Kitchen Gallery can request a "countertop layout" where you see photographs of the [...]


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