The Kitchen Gallery has a lot of granite samples for you to look at...  These samples vary in size from 3 x 3 inches to 10 x 10 inches.  However, looking at these small samples is not the best way to select your granite countertop.  Granite can be very unique from one slab to the other.  So it would be best to select your granite slab(s) from a distributor, where you can see the full slab of granite.

One granite distributor Kitchen Gallery often suggests is Boston Granite Exchange in Haverhill, Massachusetts.  They are one of the largest distributors and most conveniently located.  They unusually have around 300 different granite and marble options to choose from.  Boston Granite Exchange also distributes quartz countertops.  They carry a brand called Cambria, made in the USA.  The advantage to using quartz which is man made, is it doesn't need to be sealed like granite.  CLICK HERE to learn about sealing countertops.

A granite distributor only sells granite, marble or quartz.  They don't cut the granite before it goes in your home.  A granite fabricator will template, cut and install your granite in your home.  Granite fabricators will purchase the granite from a granite distributor like Boston Granite Exchange.

When choosing your stone, it is important to understand how much square footage you have for countertop and backsplash (if wanted).  Most slabs of stone will yield about 45 square feet.  So if you have 80 square feet of countertop and/or backsplash...  Then you will need 2 slabs of material for your job.  For your particular job, ask the Kitchen Gallery how many square feet you need before making the trip to Boston Granite Exchange.

Also, when you select a slab, if you need more than one slab...  Make sure they are coming from the same lot number.  Stone distributors will show lot numbers on the side of the stone.  One lot of stone can be very different from another lot of stone.

Also, before making the trip to a distributor, it would be a good idea to have some information about pricing your countertop job.  The Kitchen Gallery should give you some pricing information with "GROUP A", "GROUP B", and "GROUP C" pricing...  So you have a feel as to how much things cost.  Distributors will try to color code the stone slabs.  The price of the stone is base on supply and demand or how rare the stone is.  It is not so often price on the quality of the stone.  If you select from Boston Granite Exchange, you will more than likely get a good quality material for your kitchen.

When you walk into Boston Granite Exchange, reception will likely greet you and ask who your fabricator is...  You can say that you are working with the Kitchen Gallery.  They will want to know that so they can put it on their tagging paperwork.

If you like one or more slabs of granite.  "Tag" them...  When you "tag" material it is held for 7 days.  Long enough for the Kitchen Gallery to update pricing for that specific slab(s) of granite and your project.  In the case of Boston Granite Exchange, they will give you "hold" paperwork when you tag material, this paperwork will have the information needed on it for the Kitchen Gallery to update pricing.

Hopefully, the above post has given you a better understanding on the granite selection process.  If the Kitchen Gallery can further clarify, please let us know.

Another granite distributor is Stone Decor Galleria in Woburn, Massachusetts...


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