Below is a quick video on how to install a cabinet hinge restrictor… A hinge restrictor is a small piece of plastic that restricts the hinge to about 90 degrees…

Most folks like the idea of having more light over their countertop area. One way to do that is through the use of lighting that are installed at the underside of your wall cabinets.  We call this under cabinet lighting.  There are many, many options here at many, many price points.  Some low voltage some at 110 volts.  Lately what is most popular are LED under cabinet lights.

Below is a photo of under wall cabinet lights…

Under Wall Cabinet Lighting

Under Wall Cabinet Lighting

If you would like under cabinet lighting with your kitchen project, let the Kitchen Gallery know.  We offer full electrical services with any kitchen remodeling project.


Below is a list of questions that may or may not apply to your project. Eventually each of these questions will be clickable and the link will direct you to the answer. For now, if the question is not clickable and it applies to your project, be sure to get an answer before ordering your cabinetry.

Do you want under cabinet lighting?
Do you want to keep your existing floor?
Do you want under cabinet molding?
Do you want crown molding?
What kind of sink do you want?
Do you want the bottoms of the wall cabinets finished?
Do you want glass doors in your cabinets?
Do you want plant on wood fillers?
Do you want granite countertops?
Do you want quartz countertops?
Do you want a 4 inch backsplash or side splash?
What are the list of appliances (make and model) you would like in your kitchen?
Do you understand the limitations of a painted cabinet?
Do you understand the limitations of an inset cabinet?
Do you want an inset, overlay or frame-less cabinet?
Do you understand the characteristics of a wood cabinetry?
Do you want a slab drawer front or a 5-piece drawer front?
What is fascia?
Do you want job site delivery?
Do you want the Kitchen Gallery to install the cabinets?
Are you using your existing floor in the kitchen or bathroom?
What interior cabinet accessories do you want?
Do you want painted cabinet?
Do you want the interior of your cabinets to match the exterior?
Do you have your own cabinet installer?
How would you like to take delivery of the cabinet or countertops?

When ever you make a purchasing decision, in almost every case the quality of the materials is directly related to the price you pay for those materials. Cabinets are no exception.

The Kitchen Gallery has several cabinet manufacturer options — CLICK HERE — they each satisfy a particular price point. A smart kitchen cabinet supplier will offer many different cabinet price points because customers come into the store with different goals in mind.

For example, one customer might come in and want a kitchen for a rental application. This customer would certainly make different choices than someone that came in that is building a $800,000 house.

With that said, the Kitchen Gallery will help narrow down your choices to keep the estimating process productive. Often we will ask what you think your house is worth. Or how soon do you need cabinets. With that information we will likely design your kitchen with a particular cabinet manufacturer.

The important thing to remember is when you can get an estimate for kitchen cabinets that cost $6000, then another estimate for the same kitchen design (different manufacturer) for $10,000 there is a difference, keeping the kitchen cabinet designer constant. Pricing from one kitchen designer to another can vary widely.

Ask your kitchen designer to price out one cabinet manufacturer over another. With the price being different, ask the kitchen designer what you are getting for the extra money. Knowing what you are getting for the extra money will help you figure out which cabinet option is better for you.

Lets compare two cabinet manufacturer options available at the Kitchen Gallery — Starmark vs. Norcraft
So what is the difference between the two?

Starmark cabinetry requires a longer lead time — 4 to 6 weeks
Norcraft cabinetry lead time is 3 to 4 weeks
With Starmark, more humans handle the cabinet construction.
With Norcraft, more computers and robots handle the cabinet construction.
With Starmark, there is a greater level of quality control than with Norcraft.
With Starmark, there are more steps involved with the finishing process than Norcraft.
Starmark often costs 20 to 40% more than Norcraft.
Starmark uses 3/4 thick cabinet box construction, where Norcraft uses 1/2 inch thick box construction.
Starmark cabinets can be fully customized in height, width and depth… Norcraft can be customized in depth only.
Starmark offers more finish color options including distressing… Norcraft has a more limited finish offering.

There may be other differences, but at the end of the day, it is important for consumers to know that a cabinet isn’t a cabinet.

Starmark is one of the better cabinet offerings the Kitchen Gallery has. It often is installed in a home worth more than $400,000 and up to $1.5 million for the seacoast of New Hampshire area. Does another manufacture make better cabinets than Starmark? Sure there is… It is the Kitchen Gallery’s opinion that something better than Starmark is a bit luxurious for our area.

Norcraft cabinetry is most often installed in homes that are worth between $300,000 and $700,000 for the seacoast of New Hampshire area.

Even for an experienced kitchen designer, it can be difficult to compare one cabinet manufacturers price to another from different kitchen design firms. If you are comparing one cabinet line to another ask the Kitchen Gallery for help with that comparison.

Below is a quick video clarifying what to expect and/or what options you have when ordering wall cabinets. In most cases, unless a custom modification is requested, the interior of a wall and/or base cabinet is a natural melamine or vinyl wood grain finish that protects the plywood from water. Have a look at the video below. If you have questions let me know.

For example, one method to finish the bottom of a Norcraft cabinet is to include a 1/8 inch thick finished panel and under cabinet molding that has a dado in the molding… The image below shows this application.

Pricing depends on which under cabinet molding you select. To view the various under cabinet molding options from Norcraft — CLICK HERE

More expensive cabinet manufacturers, like Starmark and Canyon Creek, will offer a finished bottom modification.

The majority of our customers leave the bottom and interior cabinets as it comes with out any finish paneling or modifications.

Below is a video of a custom pantry the Kitchen Gallery worked on November 2017.

Below is a video that quickly demonstrates the difference between the standard “slab” (no up-charge) drawer front and the “5-piece” (additional charge applies) drawer front. It may vary from one cabinet manufacture to another, but the up charge on the “5-piece” drawer front is about $40 per drawer.

Garrison Door Style

Cabinet door style with standard slab and then optional 5 piece drawer front

More helpful reading — Norcraft’s Cabinet Construction

Below are some options for undermount rectangular bathroom sinks. If you see something you like, let us know. Thank you for browsing.

bathroom sinks

If you like something below, send us an e-mail and we will let you know how much. If you don’t like what you see, we recommend visiting the Ferguoson showroom in Portsmouth. Let them know you are working with the Kitchen Gallery and they would be happy to help. Thank you for browsing.

bathroom faucets


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