• Kitchen Corner Base Cabinet Options

    Below is a quick video I created that shows the base corner options. In my professional opinion, if you have the room, the "Super Lazy Susan" [...]
  • Choosing Colors

    One of the cabinet manufacturers we often use is Canyon Creek.  Recently, Canyon Creek put together a guide regarding the choice of color...  An [...]
  • How to Measure a Kitchen

    Below is a video that takes a very common kitchen layout and goes over what measurements are necessary in order to get started with a floor plan [...]
  • Norcraft Cabinet Construction

    Norcraft is one of the more popular choices my customers select because of its selection and price point. You can purchase cabinets that cost [...]
  • Edge Profiles Available for Granite and Quartz Countertops

    Below are the edges you can get for quartz and granite countertops.  The "Group A" options are available at no extra charge as of March [...]
  • New Youtube Playlists

    Recently I organized all the videos created into playlists on YouTube.  This will make it easier to see the information you want to see in one [...]
  • Countertop Layout

    After a granite or quartz countertop template is complete, the Kitchen Gallery can request a "countertop layout" where you see photographs of the [...]
  • Ceilings That Are Not Level and Crown Molding

    Often folks like the look of wall cabinets and crown molding going to the ceiling.  It can make a room look larger -- see photo [...]
  • Where is the Kitchen Gallery

    Just in case you are having a hard time finding us you can see a Google map by following this link -- CLICK HERE Or you can navigate to or [...]
  • Corner Cabinet Hinge Operation

    Sometimes... But not often... The hinge(s) might disengage in your corner base cabinet. Below is a video on how to put the hinges back in place.


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