10/23/2017 -- got your email with regard to not knowing what a sink elevation is... so i wanted to produce another clarification video... below is that video. it is important to make sure we are all on the same page before a push the order button. once the order button is pushed, i can't reverse it.

10/21/2017 -- got your voice message... I would turn to a peninsula and not do the island... Have a look at the video below... Perhaps you should tape out on the floor where the peninsula countertop edge is...
Let me know what you think...

10/20/2017 -- the video below represents your kitchen design after measuring today. I have some concerns about the island. Things will be a bit tight around the island, in my opinion.

10/17/2017 -- below is a video I made of your kitchen design. Let me know if I need to go into more detail. Also, I wanted you to be sure you understood the difference between a "flat" and a "5-piece" drawer front -- CLICK HERE for the explanation.


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