January 21, 2017 -- refrigerator area further explained, have a look at video below... Historically, kitchen designs have the panels loose...  But I can do them integrated... Here is a video of a project in Hampton Falls... Fast forward to 1:37, this wainscot panel is loose -- CLICK HERE Here is another example of a project in Hampton... Fast forward to 1:35, again loose wainscot panel -- CLICK HERE January 17, 2017 -- below is a detailed video of kitchen design... let me know if I can clarify anything... Also, let me know if you would like to upgrade the door style to Fullerton... The video explains what that is... 12/8/2016 -- video with updated microwave area 12/1/2016 -- updated video below... Made a video on how I am progressing with your kitchen design... Let me know what your reaction is to the video...


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